About us

GEApp is an application created by young people. In total, a team of 16 have developed this application to help you discover the city at your fingertips.

María y Javier

Promoters of the project, they began their careers as entrepreneurs in 2011. After being trained in the fields of tourism, human resources, and territorial planning, they decided that GEApp was the perfect way to publicize their hometown, Granada, in a way as fun and dynamic as possible. Restless, passionate and somewhat fussy, the "leaders" found that without their team, GEApp would just be an unfulfilled dream. Therefore, they carried out a complex selection process to create a highly trained and prepared team.


Software Developer and builder of dreams. Her work from the magnificent city of London has been the basis of GEApp. Thanks to her work, your mobile is history, legends, entertainment and leisure. With her our dream is not a dream but now a reality. Thanks to her, discovering Granada is possible only with a simple download. Asun is, without doubt, our rock and we would like to say a big thank you to her for all her work.


Geologist and expert in heritage rehabilitation. Her passion for everything related to stone made her the ideal person to be our “rebuilder of missing monuments”. Thanks to her, something which in the eyes of the normal person is seen merely as a square, a street or some stone remains, is transformed with GEApp into restored arches, reconstructed gates and rehabilitated walls.

Arte Dmente

This business specializes in customizing shoes, ties, hats, mugs, and anything else that can have designs added, and is responsible for bringing alive our characters. Without Adolfo, the designer, GEApp would not be able to bring the history closer to us through his wonderful drawings. Without them, our drawings could not bring the past to life.


A video is nothing without background scenes or characters. Irene has been responsible for making the impossible possible, to help us imagine forgotten palaces, to put a face to sultans who have been forgotten in texts, and to give life to the protagonists of history. Thanks to her ability, our videos are not only videos but reality, palaces have regained their splendor and history has come to life.


Nothing you can do with GEApp could be possible without her work. Demanding and very professional, Malva has put tonnes of effort into our videos to express what the characters felt, and to connect the past with the present, guaranteeing enjoyment to all who view them. From Holland she has created our promotional videos, brochures, historical animations, and ultimately, the essence of GEApp.

Jesús y Miguel Ángel

Composer and musician born in Cordoba, he has been responsible for making the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. His passion and expertise have allowed the story to have rhythm, to sound as if one was in the Al Andalus period and to give history feeling. He has been responsible for the musical compositions of all of our historical videos, including our promotional one. He has received great support thanks to Miguel Ángel, a passionate Music student of Granada. They have composed the gloomy and dark themes making our ghost stories come to life.


Actor by profession and by heart, he has extensive expertise in the world of acting. He has been responsible for giving a voice to people who history has forgotten. His words have brought alive sultans, kings, damsels and commoners. His magic has given history its own voice, and you can listen to it as if you are travelling through time.

Melanie, Chris y Catherine

We have had the help of Melanie, Chris and Catherine, who have put a voice to our characters in the English version. Thanks to them we have achieved our dream and now it is a reality that can be shared by everybody. They have given to history an Anglo-Saxon accent making our app more accessible. Thanks for adding your voices to help bring history alive.

Marta, Irene y Cristina

Marta, Irene and Cristina have brought their language skills to help us make our history universally accessible too. They have been Shakespeare and Victor Hugo, London and Paris, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. They have created magic with words to bring history to life. Thanks to them, words such as cistern or minaret are now part of our heritage understood by all.