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Information and interesting facts of over 100 monuments and places in the city, opening hours, discount cards and main data about historical and artistic monuments. Churches, convents, noble houses, museums, and other attractions are waiting to be discovered by you.

Christian reconquest

Historical 3h 2.9 km

See how after years of battles, the Catholic Royals managed to regain their coveted Granada. A total of 9 points will take you through the city center and the Albaicín quarter to let you discover the history of the Christian Reconquest of Granada. The route will take about 2 hours and you will find out some interesting events thanks to characters like Isabella, Cardinal Cisneros or Aben Aboo. It is composed of 5 comics, 4 videos, and monumental recreations and some information relating to the monuments you will find along the way.

Muslim Granada

Historical 2h 2.5 km

Discover the history of the city from the Muslim invasion until the fall of the Nasrid dynasty. You will visit 10 different places in the Albaicín, the ancient Muslim quarter. The route takes approximately 2 hours, and you can discover major events that took place in the history of Muslim Granada thanks to people like Badis, Yusuf or Aixa. Relive the period of the city through 4 comics, 4 videos and monumental recreations. In addition, you will discover the monuments located along the route.

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Ghost stories


Delve into the city to discover hidden places (Albaicin-Alhambra-City Center) mysteries and ghost stories. For one and a half hour, you can explore five places around the city centre and the Albaicín, known for shocking events with characters who seem to not want to leave this world.

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